21st March 2022 || 1:00 pm IST
Shama Buhari Fashion designer
The pestering heat of summer is upon Mumbai, records reaching up to 38 degrees. Choosing the
best outfit for yourself will make your summers enjoyable even with this hot weather. From
summer dresses that flow to shirt fabrics that will make your formal look stunning even in this
heat. Here are some of the best fabrics that will help you keep your cool in the summer of 22.
Taking on the first post is cotton. The best fabric for summers and hot weather, cotton is
breathable, lightweight, and allows body heat to escape making you cool during this
spring break.
Loose linen which absorbs a lot of moisture and dries quickly, keeps you cool and dry
which makes it another top choice for a breathable fabric that you can wear in hot
Rayon is a fiber from regenerated cellulose, generally derived from wood pulp. Usually
made from eucalyptus trees, but any plant can be used like bamboo, soy, cotton, etc.
Rayon allows you to breathe more than other fabrics because of its light weave which
gives it a lightweight feel. A piece of a special fabric made just for summer dresses and
But beware if you get sweat patches (they can be dull for this sweltering heat.)
It is common to find jerseys in all the stores near us. An essential in our wardrobe, the
jersey is flexible and gives you the comfort of your PJs (we know it feels like heaven).
The pro tip is to buy 100% cotton rather than a polyester cotton blend.
The easiest to maintain (just a hand wash and simple ironing for a crisp look). Khadi
feels comfortable when worn during winters and keeps you fresh and cool during
summers. Also known as khaddar, it is handwoven which makes it sustainable. BONUS!
6. SILK:
Anti-bacterial and with great ventilation properties, silk is breathable enough which
won’t make you sweat. Making you dazzle at parties even when the lights go out!
For summers we suggest you get organza, crepes, georgettes, and blends of 20-30% silk.
As the name suggests high-quality mulmul or muslin is so lightweight and delicate which
looks like a sheer fabric that it is sometimes referred to as the woven wind. The soft
breathable cotton variant is great for summers, especially Indian summers which keeps
the wearer cool during harsh heat.

Shama Buhari Fashion designer

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