Litle Black Dress, or LBD, was created by Coco Chanel in the fabulous 1920s. Its innovations generated controversy and impact, but they would be welcomed by ladies who yearned for changes in the fashion plan and their own lifestyle. Vogue gave this new model the name “ford Chanel” revealing the sophistication, but also the universality of its creation.

The black dress, with simple and short cut, came to revolutionize the fashion of the time for its silhouette, but also for its colour since black wasn´t usual for the time. The reality is that LBD would become an essential of any wardrobe.

Evolving over the years, there were created several new versions of the LBD, one well known was that created by Hubert de Givenchy that was immortalized by actress Audrey Hepburn when she used it in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. From that moment on, many celebrities started using it and even today it is often seen either on galas or on the red carpet or even in more casual situations.

Through the hands of the many designers and brands that have been reinventing it, it assumes the versatility that makes it a basic that we can no longer dispense. Depending on the fabric, the silhouette or the combination made, you can go from a casual, daytime piece to a more formal one for a cocktail or special event (combined with a jewellery set or a more glamorous element). Even in a capsule wardrobe, the LBD is an essential needed.

If we choose an LBD that is possible to make an upgrade or downgrade momentarily it will be an excellent ally for the various occasions that may arise and that your choice works according to the need.

Karl Lagerfeld once said that “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress”.

woman dressed with a litle black dress with a black bag in her hands

I can see that the LBD is an essential for all seasons, hot or cold. In this photo, I am wearing one LBD, which despite being many years old, never goes out of style! This is another benefit, it is an excellent investment, it is important to follow the principle that it should be just a short black dress with a silhouette that fits us well and makes us feel comfortable. Based on this assumption it becomes a matter of style, our choice is personal and must match the identity of each one of us.

This is my suggestion today, one LBD that can be used immeasurably!


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