Gender fluidity has been a controversial topic among our folks in India.

Stereotyping the gender into two categories; Male and Female. But the

the upcoming generation is changing the world with the new idea of gender

neutrality, fluidity, or in simple terms Unisex where you can don’t identify

yourself by the boundaries set by people, but instead, create an identity for


But what does fashion have to do with the movement of change? Fashion in

turn plays a huge role in this by creating identities through clothing and

much more that is to be offered.

The movement of gender fluidity had started a long time ago with David

bowie’s iconic outfits, Jimi Hendrix’s silks, and Saint Laurent who brought

the Le Smoking suit debuted in the Fall/Winter 1966/1967 in Paris.

The thought was so excruciating but made a wave of acceleration.

But during such tremendous interactions, the stereotypes of male and female

designated roles made it back into the world of fashion. Though here we are

with a new era with a boom of ideas, within the Indian subcontinent where

designers like Shantanu and Nikhil with their S&N collection “The

declaration 2034 featured gender-fluid silhouettes in LFW S/S ’21, Gaurav

Gupta’s NAME IS LOVE collection gave us gender-fluid silhouettes and

transgender models, the iconic Sabyasachi Anarkali was worn by Ranveer

Singh broke the norms and started the revolution of people who started

choosing for themselves who they want to be.

That is what gender fluidity is about. Not just designing shapeless clothing.

But making clothing for everyone. The wearer chooses for themselves what

they feel comfortable. 

What they feel Beautiful in!

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