Date created on: 25th March 2022 || 11:47 am IST
Shama Buhari Fashion designer

A capsule wardrobe consists of all the basics that are needed to make an outfit. Buying a limited number of pieces within the budget to create endless different outfits. Starting from your basic t-shirts to your mom jeans, here is a list of items and number of outfits of the day OOTDs that you can create:

How to start a capsule wardrobe:
First, let’s separate our garments into different categories:
1. Fits that you will wear every day:
Keep them! Never let them go! They are your basics and your essentials that make you comfortable.
2. Seasonal Fits:
These are your jackets and coats. Your summer dresses and your winter wears. They will be out only during the season. Keep a note of them so we don’t spend on extra stuff that we don’t need.
3. Things you will not swear at all:
Whether it’s the fit issue or you bought it because it looked in the trial room and won’t wear it anymore. You donate them asap!
Once you have your pieces segregated you start building your outfits with your essentials by mix-matching them with your other categories. Pair your jackets with your jeans and curate more outfits like that.
How to know what pieces you need to curate a wardrobe?
Pieces that you should keep in mind when starting a wardrobe are:
1. T-shirts: Black and White.
2. Sweatshirts
3. Bodysuits
4. Camisoles and singlets
5. Button-ups- Black, White, and Blue
6. Sweaters
7. Blouses
8. Blazers
9. Jackets
10. Trousers
11. Leather pants
12. Straight jeans
13. Coats
14. Dresses (plain little black dress)
15. Heels
16. Casual loafers
17. Sneakers
Making a capsule wardrobe work is not hectic, rather you just build whatever you like, match different outfits with simple pieces which will make you look appropriate for any kind of event.
Still confused? Our capsule wardrobe outfit ideas are here to help.
Date night = Sexy night:
Pair your leather pants with your black blouse with heels. Black is always the way to go my love!
Lunch or Brunch?
Confused about what it is? Just pair your pretty dress with a pair of sneakers. You, my pretty thing are good to go!
Running late to the office?
Fret not, straight jeans are here to save you with your button-ups and a simple necklace to match. Taking over the board room while looking the look is what we want ladies.
Got back home but groceries….
Go casual, come on sweetheart you already had a tiring day. It’s time to relax with your favorite tee with your office bottoms to go pick up your groceries. Don’t forget your snacks, you deserve them!
Once you have everything set up you can develop your capsule wardrobe within your budget. It’s a new season, let’s drop our impulse buying and give more thought to what we buy. Figure out what suits you. In the end, your wardrobe will represent you. Made by you! Good luck! <3
– Shama Buhari Fashion designer