We all know someone who carries ten Outfits for ten distinctive days on vacation. However, there are ways in which you can create five different looks for five days with the help of five clothes only! Don’t believe it? Let’s get to know how this is possible.

The overall 5 clothes that you’ll require include – a sleeveless tee, a tank top, a skirt, a long maxi as well as a pair of jeans. That’s it! In this article, we’ll tell you how to create five amazing looks on five days and avoid overpacking on vacations.

First Day Look

For the first look, you can wear a long maxi dress. The simple it is, the better it is!

Second Day Look

For the second look, you can wear your sleeveless tee with a pair of jeans.

Third Day Look

The third look can be created by wearing a tank top as well as a skirt.

Fourth Day Look

For the fourth look, you can wear your sleeveless tee and skirt again.

Final Look

For the final look, you can wear your tank top along with a pair of jeans.

Steps to select pieces for your own wardrobe for your upcoming vacation

1. List down all the activities that you’ll be doing in your trip

Selection of clothes will depend upon the activities that you’ll be doing on your trip. Carry your clothes accordingly. If your activities include sunbathing or dining out, then you can choose beach clothes or casual clothes respectively.

2. Collect all your clothes

Once you’ve decided your activities, collect your clothes according to it.

3. Carry less pieces of clothes

Yes, you read it right! If you’re travelling for six days, carry four pieces of clothes. Try to pair them as given in the article above.

How to wear the same clothes again and again?

To wear the same clothes for consecutive days, you need not wash them. This doesn’t mean you’ve to wear dirty clothes. You can simply get them dry under the sun. If not this, then you can utilize a hair blower and let them dry. This will solve your purpose of cleanliness as well as less packing.

Are less pieces of clothes enough?

You need to know that bringing four different Outfits for four different days is not mandatory. You can always use your styling skills and reduce your packing task to a great extent. Only two pieces of clothes for four days is more than sufficient. You can style them for four consecutive days without anyone guessing about it. This secret styling will solve your numerous issues that we face during vacations.

If you want to look stylish and prevent overpacking, then this article is a must for you. Overpacking tends to cause confusion. Avoid confusion and style clothes yourself. This task is as easy as it looks. You just need to match the colours of the clothes and you’re good to go! We hope you’ll style your clothes and utilize the motive of our article! Happy styling!