There’s no denial of the fact that men look really classy when they wear jackets or hoodies. Nowadays, most men prefer wearing hoodies as they are really comfortable and look great. Along with this, jackets are capable of giving you a gentlemanly look. Here we bring you how men can style jackets and hoodies and capture hearts within a few seconds!

1. With blazers

A touch of formality with a casual outfit won’t go bad! Add a blazer upon your hoodie to give an elegant appearance. This look can be a perfect outfit for a casual day or even a hectic day at work.

2. Monochromatic look

Go for a monochromatic look by wearing a black jacket and black pants. Black is the symbol of boldness! Give a bold look and witness the beauty of black!

3. With check printed shirts

A check-printed shirt is also known as a checkered shirt. It actually looks really well with a hoodie. However, you need to maintain colour coordination.

4. Black denim jackets

A black denim jacket with a vibrant coloured hoodie is the perfect winter combination. The black shade goes perfectly fine with a vibrant shade.

5. Jogger pants

It is not always necessary to wear jogger pants while running. Jogger pants provide an ample amount of comfort and can be worn anywhere anytime.

6. With shorts

Don’t know what to wear in the spring season? Go for hoodies with shorts! Wear this combination and stay comfortable at home. It’s time to replace old trousers with shorts instead!

7. Denim jacket

This is the most common and good way to style your hoodie. Wear it below a denim jacket! A light plain hoodie goes best with a denim jacket. Roll up the sleeves of your denim jacket to give a more stylish appearance. Finish your look with boots!

8. With ripped jeans

Hoodie with ripped jeans is a great way to style your Hoodie. Capture all the attention with this great combination.

9. Business hoodies

Want to wear a plain Hoodie at your workspace? No problem! You can wear business hoodies at your workspace. Look formal and stay comfortable at the same time.

10. Gym hoodie

Even a gym Hoodie is also available nowadays! It will let you maintain your comfort even while working out! Nothing is better than this now. You can select a gym hoodie from the vast range of choices available.

11. Summer hoodies

Hoodies are not only for the winter season anymore! You can wear a summer hoodie that is made up of cotton cloth! Now rock your summers in a hoodie!

Try any of the above ideas given and thank us later! Men can look really stunning in hoodies and jackets. A jacket and hoodie can be the best outfit for any man to wear. Shirts and coats are the trend of the past now! Go for hoodies and jackets and see how you become the centre of attraction so easily!