A skirt is known to be a tube shaped garment that hangs down the waist. A skirt has been popular since olden times. Every girl must have at least one skirt in her wardrobe for sure. However, even this tube shaped garment comes into a lot of varieties and designs.

Different types of skirts

  1. Pencil skirt
  2. Gathered skirt
  3. Mini skirt
  4. Flared skirt
  5. Layered skirt
  6. Draped skirt
  7. Circle skirt
  8. Godet skirt
  9. Trumpet skirt
  10. Gored skirt
  11. Divided skirt
  12. Wrap skirt
  13. Asymmetrical hem skirt
  14. Pleated skirt
  15. Bubble skirt
  16. Tulip skirt
  17. Tiered skirt
  18. Yoke skirt
  19. Balloon skirt
  20. Tube skirt

Best ways to style a skirt

1. Skirt with blazer

A skirt with a blazer gives a really sensible and formal look. Match a pencil skirt with a blazer and you’re all good to go to the workplace.

2. Skirt with socks

Skirt with socks is a great combination to wear at literally any place. From a cute appearance to sassy appearance, everything can be created by pairing socks and skirts.

3. Mix and match

Running out of outfits? No worries! opt for a tie-dye shirt and pair it up with a vibrant skirt and you’re good to go! Going for a mix and match with a skirt is the easiest task anyone can do.

4. Skirt with sweater

A chilly season says yes to skirt with sweater. Why to sacrifice style even in cold season? Choose a style with warmth by wearing a skirt with a sweater.

5. All black

Go for all black when you want to look bold. Wear a black skirt with black top and finish your look with black boots.

6. Floral skirt with white top

A plain white top looks absolutely gorgeous with a floral skirt. A floral skirt is trending. This look best goes with shite shoes.

7. Crop top with pencil skirt

A crop top is on everyone’s list! A crop top can look stunning with a pencil skirt. Highlight your look with a statement necklace.

8. Skirt with heels

Skirt with heels looks really hot. A skirt with heels is all for parties. Any kind of skirt will go well with heels.

9. Denim skirt with denim jacket

Can’t get enough denim? Let’s pair up a denim skirt and jacket together! This combination looks great at any event.

10. Denim skirt with white sneakers

This outfit is all you need for a casual day out. Finish your look with a white T-shirt and a black choker.

11. Button down shirt with skirt

A button down shirt with a skirt looks so much better than a button down shirt with jeans. This combination is a must for a regular day out.

So, here are the best ways to style a skirt in a simple manner! Try out all the looks and thank us later. It’s time to take out your skirts from the wardrobe and utilize them in the best way possible!