No matter if it’s your first date or fifteenth, you’ll always want to look perfect and attractive. As per the facts, 37% of men get confused as to what to wear on a date night. So, here we bring you top date night outfit ideas that will take your partner’s heart away at the first glimpse.

1. Casual Date outfit

If you and your partner are visiting a casual place like a coffee shop or a bar, then you can dress up in a casual outfit. A dark-coloured denim with a light coloured shirt will always work. Along with this, boots will ramp up your look.

2. An impressive look

A dinner date is the best excuse to impress your partner with your dressing skills. Showcase your dressing skills by wearing a sport coat with dress pants. Finish your look with a solid coloured tie.

3. Patterns never fail

A subtle shirt with patterns won’t fail in giving you an admirable look. You can try different kinds of patterns available. Try distinctive colours and patterns and witness the magic!

4. Add accessories

It’s all in the details. Focusing on detailing will never fail your look. Accessories tend to enhance your look. A watch can be a great option to go for. A watch will go with all of your looks, be it casual or stylish.

5. Basics all the way

A basic T-shirt or button down is the best way to dress up for your significant other. Even a basic T-shirt can look so good if you know how to match the colours and patterns.

6. Simple sweater look

Don’t miss the chance to wear a light-coloured sweater if it’s winter! A light sweater with a dark pair of jeans can make a date night cozy and amazing.

7. Play it red

Red colour is for love. Impress your partner with the colour of love on your date night. Wear a red shirt with white pants and make your significant other fall for you once again.

8. Ties go with everything

If you’re someone who likes to wear formals, then make the correct use of ties. Wear a tie with a simple shirt and make your date night the most memorable one.

9. Florals

Florals on men look as great as it does on women. The beauty of florals is underestimated. You can utilize the beauty of Florals and make a vibrant date night for you and your partner.

10. Mufflers with shirt

Mufflers on men give a gentleman look. You can wear a muffler with a light shirt. Not only this but you can also wear a muffler with a coat. A gentleman look will be the most memorable for your partner. Finish your look with dark coloured boots.

Did you like these ideas? Try out them on your date night and notice the reaction of your significant other. We know how confusing it is to decide what to wear on date nights. This is why we’ve brought date night outfit ideas for you.